Alchemy Network Maintenance

Dear Valued Customer:

We have successfully integrated the new core routers into our network.  To minimize any possible network disruptions, we have been performing incremental changes as we upgrade our core routers during each maintenance window.

Our next stage will be to migrate traffic to the new core routers.  This will need to be performed over several maintenance windows.  Below are the scheduled maintenance windows and the affected routers.

3/4 1100 - 0500 - DTLA Core 2
3/5 1100 - 0500 - DTLA Core 1
3/6 1100 - 0500 - LAX Core 2
3/7 1100 - 0500 - LAX Core 1
3/8 1100 - 0500 - If necessary

The maintenance should be transparent to you and no interruption of service is anticipated; however as with any maintenance, there is a small possibility of service interruptions as changes are made. We expect the duration of the work to be approximately 6 hours each night (as indicated above). 

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

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